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    Server Rules 1. No minging. 2. No failrp during uptime. 3. No RDM (Random Deathmatch). 4. No #’s in your name that consist of numbers above 4 digits or below 1000. (no 6969, 5555, etc.) 5. Do not disrespect other players, staff members, or gamemasters. 6. Staff have final say, do not drag and waste their time. 7. If you have any complaints or suggestions about staff, report it to the Staff Manager if available or put it in a suggestions feed. 8. Inactivity will lead toward demotion. 9. You must be in a battalion for 5 days before switching to another battalion. You must notify a commanding officer when you leave the battalion. If there is no response for 7 days, you may leave on your own accord. 10. Do not bring political, religious, offensive, or racial matters into the server. 11. No exploiting loopholes in the rules. (please report them.) 12. Use common sense. 13. NCOs+ can call orders toward enlisted troopers. 14. Respect the rank, not the person. 15. Self-defense is allowed depending on the scenario. 16. Do not post other servers IP's, websites, discords, team speaks etc or say things like "join this server" anywhere on our server including PMS. 17. No impersonating staff members anywhere on the server. 18. Commanders have full authority to blacklist you from their battalion. 19. Marshal Commander has full authority over the clone battalions. 20. No sexism, racism, sexually abusive comments and insulting based on country, gender or sexual preference. 21. Passive RP events are always welcome. 22. Do not beg for staff. 23. Do not argue with staff. 24. Do not threaten to harm the server or its players. 25. Do not harass via PMs. 26. Do not post people information anywhere on the server. (DOXING). These rules CAN result in punishment when broken. Note: The rules will be adjusted as time goes by. How to contact staff To contact an available admin on this server and let them know, Use @ before typing a chat message to send it to admins. If no admin is available, note the players name, STEAMID and the current time, then let an admin know as soon as they are available or you can head over to our discord by using !discord in chat. Then head over to the #server-support with your proof.
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